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 Bed Bug Bites

We've all been bitten by different insects. Mosquito bites are very common in many parts of the world as well as other type of harmless (and not so harmless) bug bites. Bed bug bites are often confused with things like scabies, allergic reactions or other insect bites. This often leads to time passing between when you are first bitten and when you realize you have a bed bug infestation. So while you are busy trying to relieve mysterious bite symptoms, your bed bug infestation is silently swelling in the background.
First, the bites themselves are generic looking. Bed bug bites are often no more than little red bumps, similar to mosquito bites. A good indicator though is the pattern of the bites. Bed bug bites often occur in a unique bite pattern of a linear group of three or four, sometimes referred to as a "breakfast, lunch, dinner" pattern. Bedbug bites can occur singly but are often in this straight line pattern.

Bed Bug Bite Pattern

 Bed Bug Bite Symptoms and Misdiagnosis

The effect of these bites on humans varies from person to person. Typical symptoms are welts and swelling that are more itchy and longer-lasting than mosquito bites. Some people, however, have little or no reaction. The tricky thing is that there is a lag between the time somebody has been bitten and the time symptoms show up. Sometimes up to 9 days. The more times a person is bitten, the less lag there is between the biting and the showing of symptoms. It is common for people to mistakenly attribute the marks to something besides bed bugs. People going to the doctor with bed bug bite marks are sometimes told the marks are scabies or allergic rashes.

 Geeting Rid of Bed Bugs

When people realize they have a bed bug problem on their hands, many start looking for information on how they can kill bed bugs on their own. They often don't realize what they're up against. Bed bugs are a hard pest to kill. Even for experienced bed bugs exterminators. Bed bug biology is part of the problem. They only feed on your blood. This makes it hard to poison their food source. They are physically very robust and have developed resistance to many modern insecticides. The number of methods that are effective in killing bed bugs are limited. Another difficulty is their size and habits. They can easily escape detection making it very hard to target them during treatment. They reproduce quickly so the longer they go undetected the larger their population can build. The extermination process itself is difficult and more involved than it is for many other household pests. Having an experienced professional on your side makes a world of difference.
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Bed Bugs

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