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To many householders, most ants look fairly much identical. In fact, plenty of varied types occur surrounding residences and structures, each possessing unique characteristics which might effect the method of ant extermination. The most frequent house-invading ants are pavement ants, carpenter ants, acrobat ants, pharaoh ants, and sugar ants.
Ant Extermination and Control The mistake nearly everybody make when trying to deal with ants is simply spraying the ones they see. This approach ordinarily fails given that the ants seen foraging over exposed areas is only a small part of the colony. Generally, you might have thousands of additional ants which includes at least one egg- laying queens covered someplace inside of a nest. Removing queens along with other colony members throughout nests can often be the key ingredient toward good ant extermination. Because ants can live in areas that are hard for humans to reach its best to have a professional exterminator analyze the problem and determine the best way to fix the problem. The technicians at Serfco have the experience and tools to take care of your problem quickly with no risk to you or your family.
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